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The Bridge Club

The Bridge Club has three members. None of the members know how to play bridge.

I just happened to be playing for a wedding in Illinois this weekend on Bridge Club Member Sarah's birthday. I had been itching to have an adventure anyway, and it turns out that my Honorary Membership to the Bridge Club was more spectacular than I could have expected.

Our Bridge Club meeting started with what all meetings should start with: obscene amounts of fantastic food. There was chicken, a green bean casserole, a tomato and feta cheese salad, hummus.

And then there was dessert. The recipe was called "Fruit Nachos." I called it "Fruit Art."

Bridge Club Member Anna handed everyone a plate of graham crackers ("nachos") with vanilla pudding ("nacho cheese") on top. They really should have called the recipe "Fruit Nacho Grande," because we put A LOT of fruit on top. It was right after Sarah declared that no one could copy her blueberry border that I realized we were not just making dessert, but Fruit Art.

Here is Sarah in action:

The completed project (a flower! ahh!):

Cole's Fruit Art:

Anna's Fruit Art (a star!):

Amanda's Fruit Art:

Sarah's Fruit Art On Fire:

So now you know--the next time you need a creative outlet, look to fruit. After the nachos had been devoured (and The Bridge Club Members all sported gigantic food babies), we decided to check out MACOMB'S NEW MOVIE THEATER. It's a dream come true. We saw The Proposal, which I expected to be rather terrible. It was much better than I anticipated, mostly thanks to Betty White. Without her, it would have been the utterly-predictable-and-completely-awful-romantic-comedy-of-the-century. Movie aside, the real adventure was in the 30 minutes we wandered around K-mart while we waited for them to start seating.

We found a puzzle. I love puzzles. Everyone loves puzzles. We bought the puzzle. After the movie, we went back home to put the puzzle together.

Sarah: I have a system!
Amanda: Don't worry, I think she's nuts too.
Anna: Um, guys, it's like 2 AM. I'm going to bed.
Cole: NEVER! We can finish it.
Sarah: I can't focus on the puzzle anymore.
Cole: We can finish it.
Amanda: My eyes are starting to hurt.
Cole: We're so close. Except not.
Sarah: What time is it?
Amanda: Er...3:00 AM.
Cole: All of these pieces look the same.

Yeah, we didn't finish it that night. However, we did finish it on Saturday, mere moments before I had to leave for the wedding.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Bridge Club Adventures!



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Jun. 24th, 2009 03:45 am (UTC)
What is that drizzly stuff?

Fruit art birthday cake is a bajillion times better than regular birthday cake. Except, the lack of sprinkles makes it a little less than perfect. And fruit and sprinkles don't mix.

We should have a fruit birthday cake for you when we get back! In fact, from this time forward until your next real birthday, I'm celebrating the 14th of every month! yes!!! I can't wait for July!
Jun. 24th, 2009 03:14 pm (UTC)
I will totally be back before August 14th! It will be the best 22 1/3 birthday ever!
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