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 "Women and cats do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." - Robert Heinlein

I'm in this cute little coffee shop in North Carolina called Quotations, and there are quotations on the walls and on our coffee cups, and it's such a cute idea!

A lot has happened.

I get to play piano in the woods all summer, and there is music everywhere, and it's glorious!

I drove down with my dad on Thursday, and I kind of expected it to suck. We left Iowa at 5:30 AM and drove until around 10:00 PM, just stopping for a couple of meals and my frequent need to use a bathroom (I drank a lot of coffee). Then we had 2 more hours of driving Friday morning. But the drive didn't suck! It was amazing! It took about 3 hours to get through Iowa, and it was incredible how much the landscape changed just because of where the sun happened to be. I felt like Monet, painting haystacks at different times during the day, and in different seasons. Except I would have had to paint corn fields, of course. Also, Iowa isn't really that flat. Illinois (and a good chunk of Indiana) is flat. Iowa has gorgeous rolling hills!

It was even better when we got to Kentucky--the landscape slowly evolved from Flat Flat Flat, and I didn't see it coming but all of a sudden we were In The Mountains, which are of course beautiful. (It might be because I took a brief nap. Or possibly getting pummeled by a rainstorm.)

Two of my favorite parts of the drive:
1. My dad yelling "We're climbing this bitch!" somewhere in the mountains.
2. My dad bartering for our hotel room.

Clearly, my dad is awesome.

So now I'm at Brevard, and we don't exactly have a schedule yet so I don't have anything to do except practice and hang out with New Friends in coffee shops, which is actually quite nice. I tried not to pack too many distractions (aside from my computer, of course) so I can focus on music and become Awesome, and so far that's coming along nicely. The practice cabins (yes, cabins) are great (when you can find an empty one) because there are these big Cole-sized windows, so even though us pianists have to practice indoors, they still have a very nature-y feel. And even though it would be nice to be able to find a piano at any time of the day, having to scavenge for one makes me really appreciate my practice-time when I can get it.

Let's all be friends and make music together!


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Jun. 28th, 2009 04:19 am (UTC)
1) Whenever I see your username, I think, "FOSSSILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!"

2) Your dad IS awesome! That's so funny.

3) I can't believe how amazing this opportunity is! New friends + Cute coffee shops + Music + Nature = alsdkfj;alskdadfasdlkfj (aka indescribable amazing gloriousness)
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