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John Cage doesn't think it's so bad.

Actually, John Cage really likes anarchy. He tries to keep himself from governing his music, and he wants to keep government out of his life. When he first read Thoreau's famous line, "The best government is no government at all," he probably had an orgasm.

It seems like the only people I've met in Real Life that have anything close to anarchist views are Ayn Rand wannabies that think they would thrive in a survival-of-the-fittest environment. I always want to ask these people if they've ever read Lord of the Flies. I mean, sure, it was hilarious in the movie when the cool-but-mean kids dropped a boulder on the nerdy, fat kid with glasses. But that isn't the kind of environment I want to live in.

On the other hand...

Cage throws a new spin on anarchy that's at least interesting to consider, even if it's completely unrealistic in our current society. His whole idea is to develop technology to the point where no one has to work; every person's basic needs are met, and we can all be free to pursue our individual interests. This would obviously be an ideal environment for creative individuals, seeing how it's nearly impossible to make a decent living by doing nothing but performing, composing, or painting. And my dad could have fulfilled his dream of making pottery all day (which he was really quite good at) instead of making envelopes for thirty years. Cage's arguments are much more appealing to me, since it seems that he's almost in favor of a kind of socialist-anarchy (an oxymoron if there ever was one). Unfortunately, at this point it seems like no more than wishful thinking.

In other news, I have once again failed at origami crane-making.

EDIT: I do not fail at origami crane-making. I am a brilliant origami crane-maker.

Surprises are nice...

...except when they are jelly beans in your trail mix.

This is my very first entry, in which I tell the world how awesome I am and how I have grand plans to make this the most amazing journal in all of the universe. Instead, I would just like to share Markie's Grand Adventure. My grand adventures will come later.

Markie's Grand Adventure is a brilliant work of unfinished fiction, authored by myself in 2nd grade. I originally intended it to be the first in a series of chapter books. (This venture was not successful.) From what I remember, the plot for the first book was something like this: Markie, a unicorn, lives in super-awesome-unicorn land with her unicorn family. Just after their first day of school, Markie falls in a lake and all of the unicorns think she is dead. BUT THEN, a pegasus rescues Markie from the depths of the lake, and even though one has a horn and one has wings, they become great friends. They go on a grand adventure! And then Markie comes home several days later, and her family is very surprised (but glad) to see her. You don't get quite the same effect without the cover art, the math problems at the top of one page, or my talented 2nd grade handwriting. I did leave the grammar, spelling, and punctuation the same. Without further delay...

Markie's Grand AdventureCollapse )


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